President, WSLO
Hello everyone.
My name is Ryuzo Fukawa, WSLO President. The next WSLO meeting in Barcelona has been postponed for one year, but will be held at the Kobe International Conference Center from March 1 to 3, 2023. In Japan, the World Exposition will be held in Osaka in 2025. As Japan is attracting world attention, we orthodontists believe that the next WSLO in Kobe is a great opportunity for us to promote lingual orthodontics not only in Japan but also in Asia and the world, and to pass it on to future generations as one of the common treatment systems in the world. We hope that all of you will join us at the next conference in Kobe and enjoy the city of Kobe to the fullest. I look forward to seeing you all.

Chairperson, the 9th Congress of WSLO
I will be the chairperson for the next WSLO congress in Kobe near Osaka.
The previous meeting, in 2011, was held in Osaka, but unfortunately, many international doctors cancelled to participate because of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We hope all doctors who cancelled the previous meeting will be able to attend in 2023.
Some doctors may think the lingual orthodontic treatment is on the way out because of widespread use of aligner appliances, but I think that is not true.
In my view, the treatment target of lingual orthodontic is clearly distinct from that of aligner orthodontics.
So what is the aim of lingual orthodontics?
Let’s discuss it together at the congress.

Kobe is a beautiful city, close to the cities of Kyoto and Osaka and are wonderful places for sightseeing.
Please bring your families, and enjoy the area.
We look forward to welcoming you in Kobe from March 1st to 3rd.